Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest Body Painting

Body Art is one of the most creative aspects of Fantasy Fest.  Each Year, OurKeyWest teams-up with leading body painting artists to offer a range of fun costuming options for our guests.  Carpe Diem and make your reservation today to secure your  personal body painting appointment:

(305) 290-2049

Body art is a classy and original approach to your Fantasy Fest costume, and easy choice for couples and groups of friends.

  • Torso: from $400 and up.
  • Torso Front and Back – Starting at $450 and up.
  • Face Basic $120
  • Face Detailed $175
  • Face with Special Effects (Silicone prosthetics like ears, spikes) $225 and up
  • False Lash Application $25
  • Glitter lips $45(pick any color)
  • Arms half $60 full$120
  • Legs $120 up
  • Jeans $400
  • Corset $300
  • Full body $550 and up
  • Full body detailed character $700 and up
  • Rocking Hard Abs $140
  • Love Birds special (couple or friends, anyway two people) body paint “matchy matchy” starting at $550 (partial body).
  • Love Birds special (couple or friends, anyway two people)– Full body – body paint “matchy matchy” starting at $1100.
  • Add bling $20 “encrusted with crystals” is $60

* To make your body art WATERPROOF, even under pouring rain! >>>Waterproof bodypaint can add $10-$50(full body) to any of these prices. If you want something little but memorable:

  • temporary tattoo ( black or white ) – $50 and up
  • glitter tattoo – $60 and up
  • whole body sprayed with glitter shimmer spray – $25

Large Groups Must Make Early Reservation to Secure Your Body Art Session.  Let’s Have Some Fun! Call Now (305) 290-2049